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look at the toll plaza. san francisco is at about 55 and warming up to the '70s in this afternoon. we are expecting some sunshine once this early morning fog clears out. we will be right back. >> the dow is up by 19 points this morning. it is at least positive, we will take that. positive gains are also seen for the nasdaq. we will check with our financial advisor rob black in a little bit. >> the commerce department says that retail sales rose just over 1 percent in september after a similar increase in august. the electronics and appliance sales rose 04 0.5% and auto sales jumped 1.3%. sales and cassations also rose 2.5% reflecting the higher prices we have at the paul. --pump. oakland and san jose are a penny a part at $4.60 and $4.59 a gallon. >> small raises that seniors are receding will help with their overall in come. -- do expected to warm to the mid '70s today with sunshine as well. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutt
. >> playoffs, off to a slow start for the oakland a's and the san francisco giants it's only the beginning. >> only the beginning of a cooling trend in the bay area. we will have the forecast. >>> it is 7:30, sunday october 7th. >> news and talk to cover in the upcoming hour. proposition 37. the idea of labeling genetically modified food in california. >> both sides of the issue in studio. we will go in depth and a busy weekend in the city if you haven't noticed. >> you were out and about around the city. >> there was a lot of traffic, i was able to spend time at the emergency center on perk street, a brain sensor where they try to figure out if there is going to be a problem, or problems around the city. they have been planning for the event apocalypse as we have been calling it for a year. everything went smoothly. >> could be a fun day and sitting down with our political insiders and talking about the day bait over the debate. the one with the presidential candidates and the upcoming one with vice presidential candidates. first we have breaking news. the search continues for suspects b
rain. temperatures? mild. 53 degrees in san francisco. and 57 degrees in oakland. and a chilly 40 degrees in santa rosa. 52 degrees through the livermore valley. where should only see about 60s. antioch is one of the places where we will see 70's. mid-60s for the east bayshore. and along the coast in the north bay we are expecting 71 degrees in santa rosa. 69 degrees for san rafeal. if you're going to go to the giants? we should seek not intermittent or temperate weather into later tonight. with rainfall chances later, but let us go back to marty. >> let us to--talk about the giants facing off the 4:37 with the st. louis cardinals. mike pelton is live at mccuvey's it is very popular for giants fans. >> good morning, marty. ibm @ walnut creek and they are ready to go. you can see i am in walnut creek -- they are about one hour away from opening. the seating is in the shape of a small at&t park. the giants return home tonight as they face a must victory the no. 6. the cardinals, advance to the world series with the wind tonight. if san francisco has a victory? they will have a game
in the making. the president is honoring a california icon before heading to san francisco for faund raising push. here is video of president barack obama landing in bakersfield about an hour ago. he is there to officially announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. the property is the headquarters of the united farm workers and served as a planning and coordination center for chavez and his movement in the 1970s. afterward a dinner reception will be held for the president tonight in san francisco at the bill graham civic auditorium. john legend will perform in concert there. last night the president took the stage in los angeles at a star-studded event that included celebrities like jon bon jovi, stevie wonder and katie perry. the president march veld at their performances and even took a shot at his own debate performance. >> everybody here incredible professionals, such great friends. they just performed flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> as for mitt romney, the republican nominee is set to take aim at the president's leadership and foreign
are going to the bay area specifically san francisco a ton of things going on. traffic is going to be difficult, to say the least. however, let us get the latest with johand janu -- >> good morning, james with mostly sunny skies and cooler temperatures. we will see that cooler range of temperatures come in, later. we will seek similar temperatures with the fog is expected to peeled back. with sunshine it this afternoon. and the fog will return for this evening. 50s through san jose, oakland and santa rosa. 57 degrees through the livermore valley. the afternoon high is going to look a bit cooler. with upper 70's perhaps mid 70's and low 70's. through los gatos, cupertino, evergreen. and near the east bay inland about mid 70's through antioch. concord. and through a san leandro and along the coast. perhaps if you degrees warmer than yesterday. and an mid-60s for san francisco. and for this afternoon with your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooling into your weekend. and a chance of showers as we start the work week. and traffic with erica. >> good morning. so far, just a handful of c
to a slow start for the oakland as and san francisco giants and that so many the beginning. >> really? and looking at sunny skies and changes coming. we'll have all of the details and first, let's get all of the news. >> and it's 8:30, sunday, october 7th. in the next hour, one of the big topics is on the ballot and that is proposition 37. >> yeah, genetically modified food should food be abled if it has any part of the genetically modified food in it? >> right, and we're going to sit down with our political insider to look at last week's debate and see how they did or go did not and what to expect from the second part of the ticket. >> and. >>> first, developing news. >> that's right, the search continues for the suspect behind a death of a woman in hercules. the neighbor found her body in the house on ash court friday night. and someone believes that they entered the house from the back. ko suffered a traumatic injury. >> we have the supporters to honor her and a great woman a blew outback with the license plate one a1f680 and investigators are still working on a motive from the cri
to the streets of san francisco this morning for the nike women's marathon. it as gorgeous and grueling course in the city that end in golden gate park. >> all the runners are going behind you. hi, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. there are thousands and thousands of runners out here. 20,000. they are taking off over here pore the nike women's largest marathon in the world with 25,000 runners who woke up early this morning. got on the race gear to run a half marathon or marathon and these go to the lymphoma society. olympic mad delist, she is out here running a half marathon. she will be celebrating her 40th birthday out here with a healthy start. you can see the runners taking to the streets. they are decked out in the running gear and it is a pretty course and starts in union square and that is all around downtown san francisco. you can see people with signs out here. with the cellphones and taking video. music is loud out here. there is a time clock that says we are three minutes. 22 seconds right now and that's the start over there. it is supposed to be nike town where they s
harrington, cbs 5. >>> police in san francisco arresting 20 -- arresting 20 people over the weekend after vandalism on saturday afternoon. officers were hit by flares, bags of paint, some of those containing rocks. police believe some of those involved were at the mission a couple of weeks ago. >>> a small group of "occupy" san jose camped out in front of the city hall since sunday afternoon. it is the first overnight protest since the "occupy" movement was evicted last year. members say they are going to stay there until noon today. >>> president barack obama comes back to san francisco today for his final bay area appearance before next month's election. the president spent the night in los angeles after an appearance before a roomful of stars last night. he used their performances to make light of his own in last week's debate. >> they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> he was referring to singers who took the stage before him. >>> this morning, president obama will visit ke. ne near bakersfield where the home of farm labor leader cesar chavez is
. salvatore cordileone is now the 9th archbishop of san francisco. the mass was invitation only and attended by thousands. >> very sacred. >> beautiful. i am excited about him being our archbishop. >>> the archbishop's appointment doesn't come without controversy. the question is, will he reach out? salvatore cordileone has a reputation as a strong defender of home sexuality. >> this is triggering anxiety. >> reporter: he says the appointment of salvatore cordileone to san francisco could signal pope benedict xvi is interested in a smaller purer church. >> maybe the church is signaling not so much interest in holding on to people that are already struggling with the teachings but a willingness to let them go. >> reporter: catholics say they believe the archbishop will reach out to liberal catholics who welcome the gay community. >> i know that is probably on his list. >> reporter: the new archbishop did not address the media but he said he looks forward to reaching out to all 91 perishes. home to liberal and conservative catholics. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco's new ar
come in time for halloween. >> following developing news out of san francisco right now. a woman is badly injured after a shooting and a car crash. >> reporter: it happened just before four this morning in city's western edition neighborhood. according to a detective a 30- year-old woman who was driving this car, you see flipped over -- that's now in the process of getting towed. she was shot four times and while on the way to the hospital she said she had been trying to park when she heard and felt the gun fire. police have been searching through the crime scene since early this morning marking shell casings and bullet holes. they say there were two shooters involve though they don't have any suspect descriptions. based on where all the shell casings are it seems to indicate that the shooters walked up to the car and opened fire. one of the detectives said they don't think it was a random attack. they suspect woman had a connection to the people who shot her. as far the woman's condition he is expected to survive. she was taken to the hospital and is having surgery and is in st
which cities are in the running to host a super bowl in 2016 or 2017. leaders from san francisco down to santa clara have been working to the 49ers to put in a bid to host the game. if hosted, san francisco would be reportedly the official host city and would have an event leading up to the game. some fans in the south bay who live there have mixed feelings. >> that would an little weird but i can see why because there's a lot more things to do in san francisco rather than santa clara. it -- it will be a little weird. >> reporter: the santa clara mayor told us that he believes his city will economically benefit as well. the stadium here in santa clara is scheduled to open for the 2014 season. but according to league rules it can't host until 2016. the only previous super bowl in the bay area was at stanford stadium in 1985. now we put in a call to the 49ers spokesperson and are hoping to hear back from him but we haven't just yet. reporting live from santa clara, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. >>> 7:06. it's a little foggy out there. >> yeah. >> we'll ha
to san francisco general hospital. no details on the shooting. suspect is still on the loose. >> eric: a horrifying school in new york city. a mother arrived home last night to her upper west side apartment to find two young children had been stabbed to death in the bathtub. nanny had self-inflicted stabbing wounds. ee shoe has been arrested. there is no indication for the motive for killing the children. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects to the senator. vice president biden remembered him as someone that was respected by both republicans and democrats. he was 90 years old. >> a suicide bombing has killed 35 people in northern afghanistan. bombing happened in a town while people gathered at mosque to celebrate a holiday. top officials from a local province governor and police chief when the bomber set off the explosives. civilians made up most of casualties. no one mass claimed responsibility for the attack yet. >> a truce is under way in syria this morning. [
s in our inland areas and the rest of the bay only going to be about 63 degrees in san francisco. so this cooling trend continues into the weekend. we'll show you a look at your seven-day forecast coming up. in the meantime we're hitting the roads with gianna. >> thank you. we are getting first reports of some major bart delays. this is due to a maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks happening at the oakland station in the fremont millbrae directions due to the disabled vehicle stuck on the tracks. no word when they will clear it. but again, this is going to be a very busy day for bart. we have a lot going on this weekend here in san francisco with america's cup, fleet week, the closures at howard and third so we'll keep you posted on this. the rest of mass transit is on time. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, no delays. a busy day in san francisco. howard street remains closed at 3rd. so that's been a very congested area. again, bart is a very good alternate so hopefully things will get back on tract. we'll check the bridges in a few minutes. back to you. >>> flyball, center field, coc
of their homes last night in san francisco. crews evacuated a whole block around 7:30 on powell street between green and vallejo in north beach. the police responded to a call and apparent suicide. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got there. 15 people inside the build handwriting to be evacuated and firefighters were in that building for over three hours trying to disburse the mystery chemical to make it safe for people to return and they were able to do so in the mild of the night. >>> police are -- in the middle of the night. >>> police are investigating a murder last night. the officers responded to a welfare check on mission and fifth street after 11:00 and found a man in his 30s in the car. he was shot and died at the scene. so far, police have not announce good arrests in that case. >>> the san mateo bridge, watch out. it's closed for seismic retrofitting and repairing this weekend. we have a live shot of the bridge where the work began friday night and that is going around the clock. in recent years, it's become standard operating procedures to close the area bridges on
she took cocaine from san francisco's crime lab. investigators had to dismiss hundreds of charges because of that admission. the judge declared a mistrial. >>> and a propane tank is suspected of starting a 3-alarm duplex fire in berkeley. it took crews two hours to get it under control. five people living in the home were able to get out safely, including a woman in a wheel chair. >>> and a new shopping concept is unveiled in san jose. the walmart neighborhood market is now open at the west gate mall. they challenged other groceries in the area. >>> some south bay thieves made off with something more precious than simple possessions. they stole a little girl's puppy! the dog's name is miko. thieves broke into a home near hayes elementary. when they took their puppy, they also took a piece of their heart, the mother says. >> when we came and found out, the only thing i could think of is how am i going to tell my 10-year-old? what mother wants to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away? and i can't do anything about it. [ crying ] >> and it's the second time
is off. it's friday october 19th. new this morning someone shot at police in san francisco. it all started with what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. we are live with the chain of events that led to the shooting. >> reporter: a man opened fire on san francisco police officers this morning after officers tried to pull over the car he was in. after the shooting that car sped away. no officers hit by the way and the car sped away, made its way to this intersection, blew through this red light and slammed into a taxi cab. this was a white cadillac that police were after. it was going close to 50 miles an hour. the cab driver who was hit had minor injuries. after the crash the two inside that car then bailed out of the car and ran away. police moved in, they were able to arrest the passenger but this morning the driver is still on the loose. everything started around 2:00 when officers tried to make that traffic stop for a light that was out on the license plate of the car. seemingly minor infraction but didn't turn out to be a simple traffic stop. a sergeant we talked to said he
. looking up to most in mid '50s san francisco, san jose. 57 currently in livermore. we're expecting more health centers in the afternoon. 73 for antioch. the upper 50s along the coast this afternoon. in in the north bay we are expecting low much in the way of company at the incline. traffic was very well out what foster city at the golden gate bridge and live look shows southdown 101 this problem free no issues with visibility. over to our traffic maps 586 interchange no accidents or the nimitz freeway. no backups on the approach for those heading to the san mateo bridge. james >> thank you erika now on to some news we cont.69 break in a homicide investigation of a retired schoolteacher and a mother for police have found the missing subaru of susie koe. >> donna and burn a washington lawyer--the couple is being spoken to about why they have the victim's car. >> recovering the vehicle is a real key to the case. we're not saying that these two are suspect at this time they are people of interest and may be able to point to someone who may be the suspect. >> the autopsy shows that the victi
thunderstorms and forecast. most of this activity will be south and east of san francisco. we could skirt by ok for the no petaluma, but it's a chilly start to the morning. we do have potential for some showers, we are certainly keeping an eye on that. a lot of places will be mostly cloudy especially along the coast. in temperatures will be pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. >> us second look at satellite and radar. we are picking up some light showers with a peninsula places like mountain view and palo alto. sen on the ro-cache 57 hayward as we take those numbers into the afternoon close ties breakdown semele to what we saw yesterday. 72 expected in sunnyvale. it will see sp be in the upper 60s at best mid- 70s around the back up if this were the coast will continue with the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. a warm- up as we transition into the weekend. in the traffic center not monitoring any hot spot a great ride out there. nothing to slow you down. take it outside to the a " approaching bay bridge toll plaza. again no contains less additives those additives help produce c
not where this san francisco giants necktie today. i had to rush through my deliveries to get here toward i got here about 6:00 p.m. so perhaps i could catch a few more innings. (cheers & applause) >> the manager tells me that you h had you hip replacement. >> it was less than two weeks ago. >> did they say anything about bed rest? it is more like bench rest. >> there is a rain delay. with a slow time out at their restaurant. and the bars. hopefully, they will be able to pick back up. we are waiting, gary, pm. now, back to you. >> a quick question is there any seating available at the bar? >> is there any seats? >> maybe i will get a seat for you. >> you are like my little brother. pick someplace where you are perhaps getting a friend? >> i could not control mother nature this was full, earlier. and i also cannot give weather predictions. >> he is correct. i love that guy he has a great future. however, perhaps in 20 years. laugh anyway, the game will resume that is the main thing. three-one = st. louis. the best of seven cured even if they do not pull it out everybody can relax. >> speakin
170,000 dollars worth of chips from san jose to south san francisco yesterday. they tried to rob it at stop on grand avenue. but the truck driver father also in another vehicle intervened. the thieves fled leaving one of the guys behind. he was arrested. police say the other alleged thieves escaped in a gold dodge caravan with possible california license plate of 6 v o one y 107. what it ford explorer with california plate of this number on the screen. >>> manufacturing on. apple unveiled the new i-pad mini today as expected. along with some other devices designed to hook consumer before the all important holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. details tonight from 7 news business and technology reporter david louie. >> it's the one time apple didn't succeed in keeping a secret. i-pad mini made the debut just in time for the important holiday shopping season. >> you can hold it in one hand. now this just isn't a slunken down i-pad. it's an entirely new design. >>reporter: while screen is almost 2 inches smaller than the original i-pad the display resolution is iden
and fantastic san francisco giants are just one win away from the world championship. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. an exciting win for the giants. that gives them a 3-0 edge toward another world series trophy. we have live team coverage of the win. we begin with larry beil who is here with highlights. shut them out. >> larry: incredible and fantastic. sums it up. the giants just one win away from capturing their second world sear title. they shut out detroit and they can wrap things up tomorrow night. the giants, in game three, jump out to another early lead. second inning, gregor blanco, deep to right center, off the wall. scores pence, and the giants take the 1-0 lead in the second, crawford, pride of pleasanton jimmy,0 there austin jackson misplays it. jackson scores. coward goes to second. ryan vogelsong, gets berry on the double play ball, 5 2/3 scoreless innings. timmy time. tim lincecum, striking out prince fielder and then andy dirks to end the eighth. sergio romo in the ninth. one, two three, gets infante to end it. the giants do it again. again by a 2-0 score, just like g
for hours. that would be the giants game in st. louis. san francisco did get it play against the cardinals but it took a while. starting pitcher matt cain gave up two runs in the 3rd inning. cards led 3-1 in the 7th inning with blinding rain taking over delaying the game nearly 3.5 hours. the game finally resumed. st. louis hung on to that 3-1 lead and grabbed the win. >> you know, you understand that that's the way it's going to be sometimes. make some tough pitches and you have to move on and try to get the job doesn't next time. >> game 4 all set to go tonight in the gateway city with the cardinals leading 2-1 games. >>> detroit tigers and the yankees never got to start playing thanks to that same rain. game 4 now scheduled for this afternoon. the tigers lead that series 3-0 games and need just one more victory to advance to the series and sweep the yankees right out of the play-offs. >>> time now 4:35. no rain here, but that could change in a few days. >> all thanks to a good-looking high pressure system. >> high pressure system, yes. absolutely. >> according to liz right now. >> it's
news at 7 day in stores now. the san francisco giants are ready to take on the detroit tigers in game one of the world series tonight. we'll have details on the matchup. how much it will cost to get there. i will get their physically. the weather because you are waking up and it may be >> this the first significant storm we have seen this season is quite the choose to run. fortunately for us it is starting to push its way out. currently running for the southern peninsula of the south bay and some of our east bay spots. it came down relatively heavy this morning. it woke me up here in san francisco. try for now we do have the potential for a pop of showers as it happens the next couple of hours. start to assume many concede the peninsula dry out for san carlos. redwood city, currently running in menlo park in palo alto for the rain is over the dog bark ridge the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. take a look at the yellow on your screen this is over highway 237. 101 completely wet interstate 280 we are experiencing iran the cupertino area. to the east bay riding o
. it is also going to be warmer. with upper 50s. if the eight in san francisco. but 50s and concord. 53 degrees in santa rosa and the livermore valley that is going to be getting to the low 80s. and to the east bay with a decent antioch. 70's for the south bay. and low mid 70's for the east bayshore. and it is going to be nice with the 79 degrees in napa. 77 degrees in santa rosa. paid 70's in santa rosa and your full forecast with some pretty hot tubs. first, and is going back to marty. >> giants fans are getting on their game face. it is game no. 1 between the giants and the st. louis cardinals. just after 5:00 p.m. after at&t park. and they put on the finishing touches to the field from the paint to the outdoor cross. everything is ready to go. we heard just waiting for the players with the outdoor-grass-- >> and also, mike pelton. the countdown begins. but giants fever. we are opening up the fall will clear out. it will be the first time the giants returned to at&t park with a comeback against the cincinnati reds. they will play the st. louis cardinals. just one game away from the world ser
, livermore and 60s for the east bayshore. just six degrees in san francisco and upper 60s in 70's for the north bay with 60s in san francisco. keeping that chance of showers in the forecast but mainly some cloud coverage coming and going cureof the weekend with a early next week. remember go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> checking the traffic no problems north bound, southbound moving decent we will be back. x@ñññé [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse
their support from the stands but on this warm saturday night in san francisco, some fans prefer to be close to home field rather than a chilly comerica park. >> amazing, the best night. beautiful. the giants shut them out. a great night. >> we're going to do this thing! four games and out, buddy. how you lick like it now? >> it's a done deal. >> it is a done deal! [shouting] >> are you going to be okay with the four-game sweep? >> absolutely. christmas is coming early. you heard from santa claus. in four! woo! >> of course people mixed in their halloween celebrations with the world series cheering. after the game, hundreds of people spilled on to the plaza outside at&t park. a great night to be a giants fan in san francisco. now, if they do sweep this in four, it's pretty much a guarantee the crowds we saw here tonight are going to be much larger. with that in mind i had a conversation with two police lieutenants. they are right now putting together plans, should the giants sweep this in four, san francisco police tell me they're going to have plenty of police officers out here along with t
is and where it is not. 54 in concord. mid-50s for redwood city and san francisco. low pressure is still to the north. we have one more wave of low pressure after that, the wave of low pressure is coming. the parent will move out so it's not a problem any more. once we leave lunchtime. when it does, we still have an onshore flow. we will have clouds from time to time. we won't be that warm. the rain will be finished as of lunchtime. the final round, we've had three. we'll get here tonight and tomorrow. showers ending by tomorrow afternoon. make the weekend plans right now. weekend is looking excellent. concord 65. the average is 75. morgan hill, 66. and union city, 63. mid-50s. and livermore. petaluma, we have a baseball game tomorrow. 62 for a high. back in the 70s inland on thursday with some afternoon sunshine. look at the weekend. 78 on saturday and sunday. no rain until next tuesday. that's your cbs five-day forecast. >> thanks, paul. >>> a typical reaction when you are stuck in snow is to call 911. for an 82-year-old, he waited four days to call for help. as laura tells us, he didn
series winners got a big welcome when they returned to their home ballpark in san francisco. giants flew home from detroit boarded a fleet of team buses for the trip to at&t park. and as you can see, a ton of people on hand. the manager singing the praises of his team. >> this was a special group. and, you know, we're not saying good-bye. we'll be here a couple of days, then it will be, see you later. and we'll see what happens. but i can't say i have had more fun than what i had this year. >> giants players took turns showing off the trophy to the crowd. there it is. next up tomorrow, that trophy on display -- romo i don't think is going to give it up, though -- because of the big parade at 11 a.m., starting at market street ending at the civic plaza. the podium where the giants will stand show off the trophy tomorrow afternoon. of course we'll have live special coverage of the parade of champions here on cbs 5 and on cbssf.com beginning at 11:00 tomorrow. they are letting us outside. >> they are. should be exciting. >>> a new effort is under way to limit the power of san francisco she
both victories in san francisco but the fans remain hopeful. autosport games they will play at at&t park the lost. >> governor jerry brown joining the teachers' union for a final push to encourage voters to pass proposition 30. what he would be difficult cuts to state programs. it was necessary to sidestep the failure of the legislature to address the budget crisis. this proposition is for additional income taxes over $500,000 per year. and also the of the mentation of a temporary sales tax. >> we have a decent day but nice but not as warm. highs in the '60s and '70s. san francisco, 65 degrees. 70's for the east bay. the warmest is it in antioch and santa rosa was nearly 80 degrees. nice conditions in the north bay with low mid- 70s for the east bay. right now temperatures are in the '50s in the 60s with clear skies bay-area wide. tonight and saturday will be upper 50s for san jose. still, some 60s in the north bay. and the east bay as well. as we go towards tonight i think we will see mostly clear skies. a pretty nice evening i can tell you that your traffic is not to organize at
chants. mayor ed lee declared giants pride week in san francisco. abc 7 news is live tonight. wayne, not much time to get ready for this. in 24 hours the stadium will be loud and orange. people goring to be wearing giants gear. they're going crazy. we heard today that united parcel series is bringing in an extra 767 just to carry gear. that is a lot of stuff. welcome to orange and black land. only evening one thing this-to-do. buy. >> where are you going to wear this? >> world series coming to town is rare. it's something you wear. >> this is pouring. >> in the case of at and t park something to clean up after the shrug fest that became a shrug fest that looked like a naval battle toward the end. this morning crews used every bit of the talents turning 10,000 square field into a field of dreams. >> you plan for this. you don't plan for a monsoon in game seven. >> here come the giants taking us along for the ride. someone came in pitching orange and black water. not quite as chick as prospect restaurant. >> we wanted to do something different. >> this is to also known as sea urchin.
in san francisco tuesday to honor u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. the 52-year-old diplomat was killed in a september 11 terror attack in benghazi, libya. >> the memorial gave people from his hometown the opportunity to say goodbye. edward lawrence reports from san francisco. >> reporter: hundreds of people filled san francisco's city hall to honor u.s. ambassador chris stevens, one of four americans killed last month when terrorists attack the u.s. consulate in benghazi. friends, family, dignitaries and members of the public came to remember their hometown hero. he grew up in the bay area and went to college at nearby berkley. >> he had a very challenging job, always came home. >> reporter: the lifelong bachelor served as a diplomat in the middle east and first went to libya in 2007. he returned last year and worked with rebels who would overthrow mao mar qaddafi. former secretary of state george schultz said he lost his life serving his country. >> we're here to celebrate the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. >> reporter: stevens' family said they received
winners got a big welcome when they returned to their home ballpark in san francisco. [ applause and cheers ] >> the giants flew home from detroit and boarded a fleet of team buses for the trip to at&t park. the manager is singing the praises of his team. >> this was a special group. you know, we're not saying good- bye. we'll be here couple days and then see you later, then we'll see what happens. but i can't say i have had more fun than what i had this year. >> well, giants players they took turns showing off the trophy to the crowd. next up, tomorrow's big parade. and that's going to be at 11 a.m. the parade starts at the base of market street and ends at civic center plaza. there are orange lights all over the city in honor of the giants and that includes city hall. this is a live look right now at a stage it looks like so they are prepping. >> ge ready. >> bart plans to expand rush hour service for the entire day. there will be extra trains on the caltrain system. muni is also planning extra service tomorrow with more metro shuttling available and the golden gate bridge dist
. >>> detroit tigers are headed to the american league championship series and a swing and a miss. san francisco giants will advance to the nlcs. >> all that -- >> what happened? did you lose something? >> my buddy, joe biden for just making stuff up. >> used poor judgment when it published pictures of the vice presidential nominee pumping iron just hours before last night's debate. >> did you guys see me? come to the debate stay for the gun show. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." joe biden and paul ryan clashed time and time again throughout last night's vice presidential debate both men under pressure governor romney building momentum after the first presidential dough bait. >> 50% said biden won, 31% said ryan won and 19% called it a tie. also in that poll 55% said biden is someone they can relate to. 21 points higher than before the debate. ryan's relatability went up 17 points to 48% and 85% said biden is knowledgeable about the issues and 75% said the same thing about paul ryan. jan crawford is at the debate site in
francisco plans to celebrate wednesday morning. >>> a suspicious fire is under investigation in san jose this morning. nobody was hurt in the fire that started about 4:00 at an abandoned gymnastics facility. traffic and weather in just a moment. >>> good morning. let's take you out towards the bay bridge. just cleared a stall out of lanes. unfortunately, we have delays in the cash and fast track lanes. metering lights have been on since 6:15 this morning. dense fog all across the bay area. heading across the golden gate bridge. here's a look at what you can see. 880 through oakland. stop and go from hey word through downtown. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> sunshine for you. expecting clouds to give way. pleasanton. 40s and 50s. dense fog advisory along the coastline. some visibility less than a quarter mile. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. mid 70s there. 80 in liver more . 67 in san francisco. and 76 in santa rosa. next couple days we'll begin to clear out. nice day by wednesday evening could see showers. watch out for showers continuing into thursday. >>> welcome back to "
real subway line in san francisco. the suit was filed yesterday hoping to stall or kill the 1.7 mi. central subway. the suit claims that it planned station entrance at union the suspect that tried to abduct a child bradley mezzo ira was arrested. he is suspected of trespassing onto to others in the tail school's one was bayside stem academy where a man made lewd comments and ashford alcohol to two boys --offered. he remains in custody without bail. >> firefighters are going door-to-door in to have residents keep an eye out for serial arsonist. they residents keep an eye out for serial arsonist. they a[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. lane. firefighters are concerned. none of the fires have spread to buildings but they're worried that they might. no suspects have not been identified as of yet. checking out the view that the coliseum, of the side of last night's magical performance by
&t park. the nfl is expected to announce today if san francisco will host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the game if picked will be played at the new stadium and santa clara. i think you're going to like the weather. it's coming up after the break. ,,,,,, >>> good morning, the south bay is getting peppered with accidents and likely because of this. check out this thick fog. traffic is buried. it's jammed up. and you can barely see the traffic because the fog is so thick. we have a number of fog advisories. for several of the bridges, coming across the golden gate and heading across the san francisco, and both directions close the at double fly because of the head on collision. that is traffic. for more on the weather here's more. >>> high pressure building overhead compressing down near the surface. cloudy skies and we're starting out with with that fog. temperatures running in the 50s right now. by the afternoon, that fog's going to lift. mid-80s inland, 60s coast side. next couple l of days the fog goes away. hot temperatures by the middle of the week. ,,,,,,,, . >>> with all due resp
league san francisco headed on to the nlcs, top of the fifth, giants delivers a knock out punch to the reds. makes it 5-0. giants win 6-4 and come back from a two game deficit to win the series. in washington the national keep their post-season temperatures alive. a walkoff home run. nats stop the card 2-1 and force a decisive game five tonight. in the nfl the steelers go on the road to face the titans, pittsburgh up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. tennessee ties it on a five yard touchdown catch. steelers trying to take the lead with a late field goal. and coming up short on a 54-yard. we'll talk about this. let's talk about michael vick. philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick once a dog own. spent time in prison on dogfighting charges. he's not allowed to have a dog during probation. he said he wants his children to develop a healthy relationship with animals. this week he was questioned about whether he owned a dog after a picture showed him with an open box of dog biscuit on the table. i thought michael vick liked dog biscuits. when we come back small town shocke
: the cards went on to san francisco where the giants are ready for them, but not ready enough, i guess. here's the end of the cards game yesterday. >> ground ball to the first baseman, knocked it down, got him. redbirds win this 16-4. they had taken the first of this best of seven from the giants. >> bill: it's tough for the giants to lose the first one on their home field there. >> at&t park. >> it's a great park, by the way. i love watching there. they play again tonight right? today in san francisco. >> yep uh-huh. >> let's go giants. >> bill: i have one bit of advice for all of you watching or listening or right here in the studio. drop everything you're doing right now and go see argo. >> i heard it's fantastic. >> bill: it is an incredible story, incredible movie. ben affleck, phenomenal. as much as i follow this news, i didn't even know this story about way back in the iranian hostage situation back in the late 1970's when there were six that got out and escaped into the canadian ambassador's residence, not to the embass, the residence and were hold up there and this c.i.a. guy comes
and dignitaries, politicians and friends, they gathered to commemorate him in the grand rotunda of san francisco city hall. >> our city will always remember ambassador stevens as a hero who served all americans. >> u.n. diplomat and visiting, c berkeley professor bartu worked closely with him through the libyan civil war and remembers him as a best friend and as a competent miss player. >> he would wear you down. >> always with pa smile on his face, that's how he did his diplomacy. >> and that is what made stevens a stabilizing force in and unsettled part of the world. >> so he wasn't the type of diplomat who stayed behind diplomatic walls. he got out among the people. >> that is true. he was very widely regarded. his family is being overwhelmed with expressions of condolence. >> both the state department and congress are investigating whether more could have been done to protect the consulate in benghazi. >> what do you think he would think of his death being at the center of a heated political debate? >> he would prefer that the big picture not be lost sight of. there are some elements of fore
tonight in san francisco. >>> can't wait for you to say some of the nhl names, if they ever come back. there is a big college football win for mississippi this weekend. but an even bigger victory for change. >> i love this story. ole miss crowned its first african-american homecoming queen. 50 years ago, courtney roxanne pierson would have been banned from attending the university simply because she is black. a notorious segregation policy, ended when james meredith was admitted in 1962. pierson says her honor couldn't have come at a better time. >> you want to say it is about time. but you also just want to say -- congratulations to her. >> crazy. think about trajectory of things. when they let james meredith in, riots broke out. two people died. injured. decade later, first black homecoming queen. progress comes slowly. at least it comes. >> can't take the smile off her face. >> enjoy the moment. >> monday morning quarterback, courtesy of -- yours truly. >> we'll wrap the highlights and lowlights of sunday's nfl action. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world new
harvest moon in san francisco and the golden gate bridge, clearly visible here in the background. this is an indication no low clouds, no natural coolant coming off the pacific to keep us mild later on. it's going to be 80 degrees in san francisco. 52 in oakland, 55 to start in sunnyvale. let's take you to your hour-boy-hour forecast for livermore. stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., up to 90 degrees at 1:00. keep on climbing throughout the heat of the day, which comes in about 3:30, 4:00 p.m. 103 degrees in livermore today. 101 in concord, 80 degrees in san francisco. the good news is, though, jon kelley, temperatures drop off as we head through the middle of the week and then we hit the 70s and maybe showers by the weekend. so lots happening here. >> 25-degree drop. thank you very much, smoking out there. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're pack in a half hour with more local updates. the "today" show rolls on. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ >>> have you ever wanted to see the world just like a bird? well, you have t
in detroit and san francisco just counting the hours until tonight's game. it is game one of the world series. they are hyped. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll begin with the sprint to the finish line. over the next 13 days president obama and mitt romney will criss-cross the count industry and leap-frog the campaign. all the med fors you like as they try to lock down votes in states still considered toss-ups. this morning the president kicks off a out exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. pl in reno, nevada, tonight, and then cedar rapids, iowa. it is a mouthful with dana bash following the fight to the finish. she is joining us live in the studio. dana, what is the map? what are the travels these candidates are doing over the next two, three, four, five days of the race? >> it tells the number of battleground states is relatively big. if you look at the polls in the states where they are going, ohio is the biggest, but also colorado, virginia, florida, beyond. they are just absolutely neck and neck. yo
in the 49ers new stadium in santa clara, much of the party would be held in san francisco. this means san francisco will also reap the lion's share of profits that come with a super bowl. santa clara's mayor says it makes sense to him. >> we're all one region, the san francisco bay region. santa clara and san francisco have -- you know, we have a history going back to the mission and the presidio, so we are only separated by 40 miles and there will be 40 miles of parties i'm sure between. so i think it's okay for us to lemplg a leverage all the resources we have to showcase how great a place it is we live. >> the nfl requires a team to play two full seasons in its stadium before hosting a super bowl so 2016 would be the first chance the 49ers would be able to host that event. >>> if you're just ready to head out the door, get ready to face some fog. >> good morning to you. this is serious fog this morning reduced to less than a quarter of a mile visibility all across the bay area. this is the golden gate bridge. i wanted to show you above the fog we're getting a beautiful sunrise. it's go
with a star- studded event in san francisco t includes john legend and will i am. >>> one of the staffers at in florida decided to weekend romney's face with a napkin. he laughed it off but and to look uncomfortable. >>> we'll tell you who came out on top in the election with hugo chavez. >> and more cases of fungal meningitis as the outbreak spreads to more states. we'll have an update on that and new information about the pharmacy that distributed the product. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at american.com. obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> hugo chavez has won re- election. he received about 54% of vote of course his closest race yet. he will seven another six-year term in wh
the east shore in oakland and fremont, 69 in san francisco today an then temperatures drop like a rock as we head through the upcoming weekend. savannah? >> all right, al. we've got a major milestone to announce this morning. facebook has now reached 1 billion users. coming up matt talk more about that with mark zuckerberg in a rare and exclusive interview, now we have more on the social network that has changed the world. >> it has. from the wall street debut to the launch of the timeline, it has been a big year for facebook and with the unprecedented billion-member benchmark it is inching closer to having all of the friends in the world. it was 2004 when a 19-year-old named mark zuckerberg started a small website for college kids to share information. >> did you ever dream in 2004 in your dorm room in harvard when you started this thing that you'd end up sitting here saying we'll go across 200 million users? >> that's a difficult thing to foresee. >> reporter: today an aft ron omiccal benchmark as facebook announces it now has 1 billion users, 1/7th of the population. >> facebook is
:21. temperatures are going to be as warm in places like san jose and san francisco later today. 92 in gilroy. 82 in san francisco. weather changes as we head through tomorrow. we get warmer. and then cool cloudy weather this weekend. >> just ahead, a high school coach steps down after being named in that sex scandal in maine. now, with more names to come out, some residents are saying enough. we'll be there live. we'll be there live. >>> plus, a rare and close-up look at the "costa concordia" still sitting off the italian coast ten months after its wreck. >>> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> still ahead, ethel kennedy opens up in a rare and revealing interview for a new documentary on her life. we'll talk about it with her daughters. >>> and a boy ordered to move to another school because of his genetic makeup. we'll explain after a check of your local news. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious d
obama paid tribute saying he was a statesman of great conscience and conviction. >>> the san francisco giants did it again facing yet another elimination game. the giants beat the cardinals to force a decisive game seven tonight. joe is in for carlos. all right. >> the giants, they are on a thrilling, thrilling ride. it's been fun for fans to watch. it's like a never say die journey for this team. they've been on the ropes but refuse to get knocked out. san francisco beat st. louis yesterday, 6-1, to force a game seven. you know that's the sexiest two words in sports, game seven. that's tonight. the giants broke it open early scoring four runs in the second and starting pitcher vogelsong gave up one run through seven innings. struck out a career high nine batters. the cardinals, now they were up three games to one in the series but now we're all squared, 3-3. the winner tonight, of course, goes on to play detroit in the world series. >>> jonathan vilma back. vilma's eligible to play while he appeals his suspension for his involvement in the bounty scandal. now he seemed to provide a mu
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